Project Proposal
Tom Butterfield
Design of an Ecommerce Portfolio Website

Our proposal outlines a sleek, user-centric e-commerce portfolio website designed for the client. Featuring customizable galleries, seamless e-commerce integration, and a responsive design, this platform will streamline art sales and enhance online visibility. Key components include social media integration, email marketing tools, and SEO optimization, ensuring an engaging, secure, and easily discoverable website.


The client's portfolio website should prioritize showcasing high-quality images and creating a user-friendly experience for visitors. This can be achieved by using a clean and organized layout that highlights the client's best work, and by making it easy for potential clients to contact them through an easily accessible contact section. An About section can help build trust with clients by providing background information about the client and their experience. Testimonials and reviews from past clients can further build credibility and trust. The website should also be optimized for search engines to ensure that it can be easily found by potential clients.

In addition to prioritizing visitor experience, it's important to make the client's portfolio website easy for the client to manage and administer. This can be achieved by using a content management system that is user-friendly and scalable. The website should also have a well-designed image gallery that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly, and should be easy to navigate with clear labeling and categorization of the images. Integrating ecommerce can further expand revenue streams and allow the client to sell their work directly to clients. By prioritizing both visitor experience and ease of administration, the client's portfolio website can effectively showcase their work and grow their business.

The design of the image gallery is a crucial element of a photographer's portfolio website that impacts the overall user experience.

A visually appealing and well-organized gallery can attract potential clients and showcase the photographer's work in the best possible light. A functional, user-friendly, and responsive gallery design that highlights the photographer's style and unique qualities of each photograph is an essential feature of a photographer's portfolio website.

Ease of use and administration is an important aspect of the product.

The website should be built using a content management system that is user-friendly and easy for the client to update without requiring any coding or web development skills. The website design should be scalable and take the client's workflow into account, making it simple to add, remove, or modify images and content. By making the website easy to administer, the client can focus on creating stunning images while ensuring that their online presence is always up-to-date and showcasing their latest work.

The integration of ecommerce is a valuable feature for a photographer's portfolio website as it allows them to sell their work directly to clients.

A well-integrated ecommerce system can streamline the sales process and make it easy for clients to purchase prints or digital downloads of the photographer's work. The ecommerce system should be easy to navigate and secure, with clear pricing and payment options.



Make it Clear

The better we understand what you need, the faster we can get to work building it.


You fill in our Project Intake Form, answering as completely as you can.


We come back to you with a video call on our Meet platform.


We send you a proposal which outlines our solution.

Make it Pretty

In this phase, we design the front end of your website or application.


We create the foundations and begin work on the design.


You receive a login which you use to view, comment on and approve revisions to the design.


We incorporate your feedback through a series of revisions.

Make it Work

Wiring the front-end to the back-end* turns something pretty, into something pretty useful.


We create the data structures your business logic requires


We integrate these data structures into the application logic and any third party integrations


We invite you and your team to join us in testing your application
*front-end refers to the 'front of shop' that you see when you use your web app.
*back-end refers to the code and systems behind the scenes that makes things work.

Make it Live

We bring your site online and keep it in shape


We set up the production environment and reveal your web app to the world.


We provide your team access to its very own online course on the management of your new application.


We conclude with a review of the product and our services and begin our ongoing support package.

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Site Outline

Proposed Site Map

The portfolio site has a clear and logical structure with each page serving a specific function. The proposed outline includes a homepage, galleries, individual piece, image search, about, services, blog, FAQ, shopping cart, account, cookies, and 404 error pages. The outline ensures easy navigation and includes essential pages such as the shopping cart and account pages, as well as the cookies page to comply with privacy regulations. Overall, the proposed outline provides a concise and organized framework for the photography portfolio site.

Site Section: Main Site
  1. Main page: The primary page of the site, showcasing the photographer's work and brand.
  2. About: This page provides information about the photographer and their brand, featuring a header, company and ethos information, team section, and contact information.
  3. Services: This page features information about the photographer's services, resources, and events, showcasing a header and triple sections.
  4. Blog: This page features the photographer's blog posts, with a header, hero image, and image posts section.
  5. FAQ: This page answers frequently asked questions, featuring a blurb, FAQs, ask section, and footer.

Page Outlines

Main Page

The main page of the photography portfolio site is the first page that visitors will see when they arrive at the site. It contains a header and footer, as well as several blocks of content. The hero galleries and recent works sections showcase the client's best work, while the email capture form allows visitors to subscribe to updates. The about section provides information about the client, and the contact section includes a wide form for visitors to get in touch.


The about page provides more detailed information about the client and their work. It includes a header and footer, as well as sections on the company, ethos, team, location, and contact. The contact submission page is a sub-page that allows visitors to submit questions or feedback directly to the client.


The services page provides information about the client's services. It includes a header and footer, as well as sections on services, resources, and events. The triple image layout and text triple layout showcase the client's work and offerings.


The blog page contains posts and articles related to the client's work and interests. It includes a header and footer, as well as a hero section and a section for recent posts.


The FAQ page answers common questions that visitors may have about the client's work and services. It includes a header and footer, as well as a blurb section, FAQs section, and a wide form for visitors to submit their own questions.

Site Section: Galleries and Images
  1. Galleries: This page displays the photographer's different galleries, featuring a hero video, gallery, information, and contact sections.
  2. Individual Piece: This page showcases a single piece of the photographer's work, featuring a header, the piece itself, and a footer with additional information.
  3. Image Search: This page allows visitors to filter and search for specific images on the site.

Page Outlines


The galleries page of the photography portfolio site showcases the client's work in more detail. It includes a hero section with a video and a gallery section with a triple image layout. The information section provides details about the client's services, and the contact section includes a wide form for visitors to get in touch.

Individual Piece

The individual piece page displays a single piece of the client's work in detail. It includes a header and footer, as well as a wide image of the piece. Visitors can learn more about the piece by clicking on the "details and specs" and "rights and license information" sections, and they can add the piece to their cart using the "add to cart" button.

Image Search

The image search page allows visitors to search for specific images on the site. It includes a header and footer, as well as a table-based filter system that visitors can use to narrow down their search results.

Site Section: E commerce

The E-Commerce application requires certain administrative functions for the end user to complete the checkout process smoothly. We outline some of these pages below.

Page Outlines

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart page displays the items that visitors have added to their cart. It includes a header and footer, as well as an added items section and an order summary section.


The account page allows visitors to manage their account settings and view their order history. It includes a header and footer, as well as sections on profile, delivery settings, and payment settings. The sign-in page is a sub-page that allows visitors to log in to their account or create a new account.

Administrative Services

An outline of supportive & technical services to assist Tom Butterfield in fulfilling its mandate
Analytics Solutions
Track web traffic through the site,
Record number of hits each document/link receives
Sources of incoming traffic etc.
Email Management
Provide Secure and reliable Email Services to the Client
Ensure Mail server scales to avoid users running out of mail space
Web Site Hosting
We provide a full suite of comprehensive IT solutions including:
Daily Backups
Weekly Server Imaging
Update Management
Server Updates
Security Scanning
SEO Monitoring
Analytics Reporting
Uptime Monitoring
Easy Updates
We strip out unnecessary interfaces, allowing clean access to relevant sections. This ensures team members have an easier time, reducing frustration and increasing efficiency.
Learning Resources
We provide video tutorials and dedicated, annotated documentation outlining the usage of various functionality.
File Hosting
Provide the Client with Secure File Hosting to contain and manage the uploaded submission of various third parties to the site.
Third Party Integration
We have years of experience integrating our web applications with third-party application logic


The table below indicates major milestones, deliverables, timing, and investment for each phase of the project.
 Ice Breaker Ltd's payments terms are 50% due upon contract execution and 50% due upon satisfactory completion of the work.
Project Planning & Administration (PARTIALLY COMPLETED)
  • Contract Approved
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Content Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Findings and Recommendation
Pre Development
  • Compile design assets, copy, photography
  • Review and approve copy for page sections
  • Review brand-relevant photography and approval for relevant asset licensing.
  • Register Domains and manage Domain Name Server records:
  • Set up email server and MX DNS records
  • Provisioning of Development Server
  • Set up Design Collaboration Platform
Development on Pre Production Server
  • Scaffolding of relevant templates and data structures as determined by site specifications.
  • Development of backend interfaces for the administration of templates via Content Management Solution.
  • Integration of Design Assets & Copy with the template files.
  • Testing of Base Functionality - Client representatives are invited to test the site
  • Establish areas where UI can be adjusted to ease use cases
  • Establish any additional Learning Resources required to ease the use of the product
  • Final Review of Product & Services - Client representatives should establish whether there are features or functionality improvements that would further the organization's goals.
  • Deployment of the service into a production state, making the product available to the public.
Technical/Long Term Support and Ongoing Development
  • Server administration and maintenance services are ongoing.
  • Administration and maintenance to be charged at an hourly rate ($120/hour) as required.
  • Monthly reports on usage, analytics data, and maintenance logs are standard.
  • Any findings from the Final Review which are to be implemented constitute a further expansion of scope and can be accommodated at such time as necessary.
  • We offer Long Term Support packages that ensure in the event our firm is unable to provide hosting/administration support that you can migrate your product to another service provider with minimal service disruption.
  • Build out the Learning Resources and provide documentation and access to the organization.
  • Provide initial Analytic and Administrative Report of the site

Estimated Costs

Development Costs
Estimated Size of Project: 12 Pages of Content
Based on the above Scope of Service, specified in the Site Outline and Administrative Services sections, Ice Breaker Ltd is able to deliver the above services and solution to Tom Butterfield at a cost of: $5,000*, inclusive of the production of Educational Materials as outlined in the Administrative Services.
*Ice Breaker Ltd's payments terms are 50% due upon contract execution and 50% due upon satisfactory completion of the work.
Mail & File Hosting
File Hosting and Mail services start at $200/annum and include
Up to 5 mailboxes
75GB for emails
30GB for files
Full mobile sync support
Application Hosting
Our IT administration and Hosting Fees are $240/annum and include:
Daily Backups
Weekly Server Imaging
Failproof Update Management
Server Updates
Security Scanning
SEO Monitoring
Analytics Reporting
Uptime Monitoring
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